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Company Info: We invite you to our new web site where can upload your works and you the user can share your media with others in the community, people then can like and comment on your works that you uploaded. You can post information on your web page about upcoming events or your music gigs. Think just uploading is not enough? We also added for you the option to have your music downloaded to others for a cost, you set the price we take no cut, just check out your profile page. You the artist can also share your personal blogs, news, and events that will be coming up; sharing them with the community fan base. The audience can also rate your music that is uploaded and this will help boost your popularity. We also included an area where you can upload your videos, FLV, AVI, Mpeg and YouTube. You maintain full control over all your media; plus we will help promote your music for free. We also are working on a radio station and will play one of your songs on this station; your music will be broadcast through many outlets around the United States and the World, so others can enjoy your music. Please consider adding your works, we are a new service just starting out, but we plan on ventures in many areas within the artist community. Thank you, Also check out the main website, you may be chosen tobe one of our feature artists on our main page.

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